CA-18-VTB1148 - Transformer: Audio Output Gapped (Narrow Board Version)CA-18-VTB1148 - Transformer: Audio Output Gapped (Narrow Board Version)
Carnhill Transformer VTB1148 - LEAD TIMES MAY APPLY (From 1st Jan 2021)

Audio signal (High Output )

A "Broadcast/Pro-Audio" quality signal ouput transformer capable of delivering high level output at low distortion.

Dual primary and secondary windings provide the option of different input/output inpedances to suit source and load requirements.

The narrower connector board (than VTB9049) allows the transformer to be fitted in 1U size rackmount cases.
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(1+) 29.55 each (Ex.VAT)
28.08 each (Ex.VAT)

26.60 each (Ex.VAT)