AML-17-020 - ez1073 AML-17-020 - ez1073 "PCB" kit - (1U version) mono channel
ez1073 (1U rack version) KoP


All the parts which are fitted on the PCB

1 x AML-07-087 (Blank PCB)
1 x CA-18-VTB9045 (Input Transformer)
1 x CA-18-VTB9046 (Input Transformer)
1 x CA-18-VTB1847 (Output Transformer)
1 x CA-18-VTB9043 (Inductor)
1 x CA-18-VTB9044 (Inductor)
1 x CA-18-VTB9050 (Inductor)
1 x CA-18-VTT2326 (Power Transformer)

1 x GR-03-001/004 (12 way 1 pole 3 Gang rotary switch)
2 x GR-03-002 (12 way 1 pole 1 Gang rotary switch)
2 x GR-03-003 (6 way 2 pole Gang rotary switch)

1 x OM-01-081 (47k Lin Pot)
3 x OM-01-074 (10k Lin Pot)
5 x Toggle Switches (DPDT PCB Mount)

All resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, heatsinks etc etc

for a single channel of the ez1073 (1U) project.

Parts for multiple kits will be consolidated.
"Click Here" for PCB build instructions;
(1 item) 439.00 each (Ex.VAT)
429.00 each (Ex.VAT)

419.00 each (Ex.VAT)